Parichay Sammelan

It is said “Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth”.

In olden days elderly persons of the family/Samaj used to search brides and grooms for their wards and for other boys and girls of the Society. But in the modern era these elderly persons are not interfering in the matrimonial matters.
Every boy/girl wants a life partner of their choice. Today these boys/girls are confused. They want some suitable platform to choose life partner of their choice.

In order to fulfill wishes of these young boys and girls, some Vaish-Aggarwal organizations have come forward to assist these confused boys and girls in materializing their marriages. Hence the concept of “PARICHAY SAMMELAN” has emerged. Parichay sammelan is a forum where aspiring brides and grooms along with their family members assemble at a designated place, share thoughts, contemplate and form matrimonial alliances. Parichay Sammelan encourages low cost marriages, anti dowry system and remarriage of widow/widower etc.

Parichay Sammelan

Next Parichay Sammelan is likely to be held in the month of November or December 2017. mean while,you can download P.S. Form and sent to us.

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